Kanye West, reported for sexual harassment by a former assistant

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Kanye West, reported for sexual harassment by a former assistant

Lauren Pisciotta, influencer and former assistant to Kanye West, has denounced the artist for sexual harassment, among other things. According to Page Six, she denounces him for having made inappropriate comments, having suggested that she take off some of her clothes, having sent him inappropriate photos of a sexual nature or having masturbated next to her. She would also owe him money.

According to Lauren Pisciotta's story, Kanye West would have shared with her some of his sexual experiences, as well as photos and videos of his sexual acts with other women. In addition, Kanye would have sent Lauren intimate photos of other of her employees, “both men and women,” and would have asked her for details about the penises of her partners.

On one occasion, Kanye reportedly asked Lauren to take off some of her clothes in the office because “she was too covered.” In another, she would have masturbated while they were both on the phone. And in another, he would have masturbated while he was next to him, locked in a room, until he fell asleep. According to Pisciotta's words, he did not accept that they did not have sex with each other.

Lauren Pisciotta started working for Kanye West in July 2021. The idea was for her to handle his Yeezy clothing line “24/7”, but she also collaborated on some songs on 'Donda'. She charged a million dollars, but then offered him another million dollars in exchange for a “God-type” dedication, which involved closing her OnlyFans. According to Pisciotta, she was never paid that money even though she obeyed and closed her OnlyFans.

In September 2022, Lauren was promoted to $4 million, but a month later, she was fired. She was offered 3 million as compensation, but she did not receive it either.

Kanye West's team has not yet given its version to PageSix, at the request of this medium.

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