Kanso, the smallest and lightest sound processor

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Kanso, the smallest and lightest sound processor

It is now available in our UMusic centers the latest innovation from Cochlear. Is about Kanso, the smallest sound processor on the market. And also the lightest. You can hardly see it and it is so comfortable that you don’t even notice it. To these two advantages we must add a third: It is a smart processorwell automatically regulates sound settings depending on the situation and context.

Sound adjustment with Kanso is achieved thanks to the use of the same technology used by the processor Cochlear Nucleus 6. In this way, with your system SmartSound iQ and dual microphones, this new device can automatically regulate the sound to offer the user the best hearing in any situation. That’s why it’s smart: because of its ability to adapt.

And we say that it is the smallest on the market because it offers the best sound quality for a button device. Being so small you can hardly see it. And of course, you don’t even notice it. In any case, Kanso comes in different colors to adapt to the taste or discretion of whoever uses it.

Kanso’s advantages do not end with his size or intelligence. It must be added that he is waterproof thanks to the Aqua + system, so it can be used in the pool or the beach. Furthermore, it has wireless connectivityso the user can enjoy music or conversation even in noisy environments.

In this video you can get to know Kanso a little better, Cochlear’s hidden treasure. And if you want more information, you can obtain it on the website www.cochlear.com/ES/kanso or in any of our UMusic centers.

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