Kanso, a good alternative for children with cochlear implants

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Kanso, a good alternative for children with cochlear implants

We have already talked in this blog about Kanso, the smallest and lightest sound processor From the market. It is so small that it is not even noticeable, which is an advantage to take into account for school-age children who may be sensitive to social stigma. But that is not the only reason why Kanso is a good alternative for children with cochlear implants. According to a recent study carried out by the Ghent University Hospitalin Belgium, this sound processor from Cochlear It’s one of the best rated for pediatric implants for his performance and comfort.

The aforementioned study was based on a clinical investigation carried out with nine children between the ages of 6 and 9, all of them with pediatric cochlear implants for at least three months and regular users of the sound processor CP900 Series. In the tests carried out, the performance of Kanso was compared with other BTE (Behind the Ear) processors. The goal was to collect subjective information on comfort, retention, aesthetics, ease of use, and speech understanding.

The result of these tests places the Cochlear processor as a very good alternative for children. Kanso was rated positively for its performance, comfort and discretion. Although in aspects such as Easy to use wave retention There were no differences, the majority of participants showed their preference for Kanso.

This sound processor, available in UMusic centers throughout SpainIt has another advantage which makes it very attractive for children with cochlear implants: it can be submerged in water thanks to the system Aqua +. Therefore, little ones can swim at the beach and pool without having to take off the device.

Another distinctive feature of Kanso the thing is It has no cables and is located outside the ear. In this way, its use is simpler and creates less dependence on parents and caregivers to connect and disconnect the device, especially in the case of bilaterally implanted boys and girls.

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