Kanso 2, advanced connectivity in the smallest in-ear sound processor

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Kanso 2, advanced connectivity in the smallest in-ear sound processor

Kanso 2 is he new cochlear implant sound processor from Cochlear. This new model is even smaller than its predecessor Kanso, which consolidates it external processor to the ear smallest and lightest in the world. Kanso 2, now available in UMusic centers, also adds new features thanks to a advanced connectivity and a hearing performance proven effective.

Cochlear’s new sound processor is designed for people with a active lifestyle. For this reason, it combines the comfort and discretion (because light and small) with new functions advanced connectivity and hearing performance.

Among the new features that Kanso 2 presents, the fact that it allows direct streaming and the use of the Nucleus Smart app -available on the App Store and Google Play. This app is compatible with different smartphones and mobile devices, such as the Iphone -from 5s to 11 Pro Max-, the iPad -from the 4th generation to the 12.9-inch Pro-, the ipod touch -6th generation- and android phones -Samsung Galaxy 10 and Google Pixel, from 3a XL to 4).

Thanks to the Nucleus Smart application, Kanso 2 users can activate the function ForwardFocus* * , which enables reduce noise coming from behind and listen better to the person in front of the processor user. Furthermore, the dual microphones They filter out background noise and provide better hearing performance.

Kanso 2 regulates the sound in every situation

Kanso processors also adapt to each sound environment. Thanks to your system SmartSound iQ and dual microphones, this new device can automatically regulate the sound in each situation to offer the user the best hearing at all times. Depending on the background noise, it adjusts its performance. That’s why we say it’s intelligent: because of its ability to adapt.

Another added advantage of Kanso 2 is that it incorporates a rechargeable battery and one greater resistance to dust and water. Therefore, more reliability and, above all, greater peace of mind for its users.

Different colors and Aqua+ cover

Kanso 2 is now available in UMusic centers, where those interested will also be able to choose from a range of five different colors. Compatible accessories are also available, such as the Aqua+ casethat allows its users to bathe while still using the sound processor.

*The Nucleus Kanso 2 sound processor is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Cochlear’s Nucleus Smart application is available in the App Store and Google Play. For compatibility information, please visit the following link .

* * ForwardFocus is a function that must be activated by the specialist and then controlled by the specialist

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