Jordana B. publica el adelanto “Demasiada Mujer”

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Jordana B. publishes the preview “Demasiada Mujer”

Jordana B. publishes “Demasiada Mujer”, the first preview of her new and second album. This theme arrives with a renewed tone and a turn towards a darker aesthetic.

Jordana B. is the pseudonym under which the Argentine-Spanish artist María Solá Oteyza makes songs. She defines herself as a performer and stands out for having sweet and catchy lyrics that are at the same time ironic. In 2022 she releases her first album “You and how many others”, a soundtrack spiced by tragicomedy that talks about sex and job insecurity, dramas focused from the point of view of self-confidence and humor. Jordana B. launches into self-criticism, laughing at herself and becoming a drama princess.

Now, he is preparing his second and long-awaited album and announces it with a new song: “Demasiada Mujer.” Jordana B. take “the best of Dinosaur Jr and The Killers and he makes it his own in a generational portrait that delves into gender issues and oscillates between rage and sarcasm, without losing that playful and carefree attitude that so characterizes Jordana B. since its inception.”

We can enjoy your live June 7 in Palencia (Palencia Sonora), June 14 in Pontevedra (Surfing The Lérez), June 15 in Valencia (Sala 16 Toneladas), August 2 in Badajoz (Contempopranea – Olivenza), August 3 August in Navarra (Moddermass), August 10 in Burgos (Sonorama Ribera), September 6 in Lugo (Festival Osa do Mar), September 25 in Seville (Fun Club) and September 26 in Granada (Jardines of the Cup).

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