Joe Goddard anuncia disco con el single “Moments Die”

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Joe Goddard adds “Follow You” to the previews of “Harmonics”

The next 12th of July will see the light “Harmonics”the new work of Joe GoddardDJ musician and member of Hot Chip. Now he releases “Follow You”, a new and emotional trailer.

Based on what we are hearing, it is clear that “Harmonics”the third solo album by Joe Goddard, will maintain the danceable and at the same time emotional coordinates of someone who is also a member of Hot Chip. And “Follow You” is another example.

The album will include a total of fourteen dance music songs with approaches to house, UK garage, disco music and even hip hop, but always from Goddard’s perspective. On the album we will also find various collaborations such as those of Eno Williams (Ibibio Sound Machine)the rapper Oranje, Hayden Thorpe (ex-Wild Beasts)his bandmates Alexis Taylor and Al Doyle, Tony McFarland (Jungle)the Guinean Falle Nioke, Barrie or the British jazz musician Alabaster DePlume.

In addition to being shared on platforms, the album will appear in physical format on CD, standard double vinyl and special edition (via DomMart) in pink with stickers and a signed Polaroid.

Apart from passing through cities in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland and many others, Joe Goddard will be performing as a DJ at the Low Festival (July 26, Benidorm) and in live in Kalorama (August 29, Madrid)with which we can also discover how good this and other new songs sound on stage.

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