Janire's "GO LESBIANS GO" anthem is dark

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Janire’s “GO LESBIANS GO” anthem is dark

Among the promising young artists preparing their first album for this autumn, today we are talking about Janire. Mushroom Pillow (Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Jimena Amarillo) will be the label in charge of publishing ‘Las huidas’, which has been presented with a revamped version of ‘Pixel Negro’, one of the songs that had made Janire popular in the independent sectors over the last two years.

But let’s start at the beginning. From Barakaldo, Janire was part of local pop and punk bands since he started playing guitar at the age of 12. Squat houses and punk groups were his usual circle and then he moved to Madrid. He was bassist for Repion for a year and recently he has established his own band as Janire together with Carla Silván –bassist for Carrera and Ice Heaven-, Pablo Fergus –keyboardist for Pol Granch, Dani Fernández, Amaral- and Alex Moreno –current drummer and producer for Amaral-.

In 2021 he published the EP ‘Cuaderno de verano’ with the help of Brian Hunt, and there we already found the first version of ‘Pixel Negro’, more austere and guitar-driven, along with songs with a certain flamenco leaning like ‘Luciérnagas’.

Nothing to do with the new version of ‘Pixel Negro’ that she has now re-recorded with François (from ‘Cadaqués’), renamed as ‘Pixel Negro II’. Among her influences, names like St Vincent and Lorde stand out, and I would say that above all in her mix between organic and electronic elements. We can even talk about electropop or something like that.

Mushroom Pillow actually defines ‘Pixel Negro II’, our Song of the Day today, as a GO LESBIANS GO anthem. And there is a certain darkness in the melody and lyrics of a person who, if she looks at us, seems to do so only to disconcert us: «The ability of your green eyes to resurrect every black pixel in my heart hurts.»

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