Jamie xx announces album, ft.  Robyn, Avalanches, Romy, Oliver…

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Jamie xx announces album, ft. Robyn, Avalanches, Romy, Oliver…

At last we know the details of the excellent 'In Color'. Jamie xx's new album is going to be called 'In Waves' and will arrive on September 20. The 12 songs will include the well-known track 'Baddy on the Floor', as well as a track released today titled 'Treat Each Other Right'.

For this one he has teamed up with photographer and filmmaker Rosie Marks. The video is intended to be a “maximalist contrast” to the “warped monochrome minimalism of the album art.” The idea is to arrive at a “scene of creepy hedonism in all its grotesque glory.”

Pay attention because the cast of collaborators for the feature will include Robyn, The Avalanches, Kelsey Lu, John Glacier and Panda Bear, Oona Doherty and her bandmates from The xx, Romy and Oliver Sim. It should be noted that some of the songs that you have been getting to know in recent years, such as 'It's So Good' (2024) or 'Kill Dem' (2022), will only be in the deluxe edition.

The record has been “created over a four-year period marked by his much-loved 2020 Essential Mix and punctuated by periods of self-reflection, a global pandemic, the flickering resurgence in the strobe light, the production of Oliver Sims' debut solo album and a newfound love for surfing as escapism,” according to his Popstock label.

Jamie xx himself talks about the “waves” we have experienced in all these years and adds: “I wanted to do something fun, happy and introspective at the same time. The best moments on a dance floor are usually those for me. I can't wait to share it with you. Love, Jamie xx”

In Waves:
1. Wanna
2. Treat Each Other Right
3. Waited All Night (ft. Romy & Oliver Sim)
4. Baddy On The Floor (ft. Honey Dijon)
5. Dafodil (ft. Kelsey Lu, John Glacier & Panda Bear)
6. Still Summer
7. Life (ft. Robyn)
8. The Feeling I Get From You
9. Breather
10. All You Children (ft. The Avalanches)
11. Every Single Weekend (Interlude)
12. Falling Together (ft. Oona Doherty)
Deluxe LP Bonus 12” Package:
1. FU (ft. Erykah Badu)
2. It's So Good
3. Do Something
4. Let's Do It Again
5. Kill Dem

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