Jamie xx and Robyn fill you with “life” with an arsenal of loops and winds

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Jamie xx and Robyn fill you with “life” with an arsenal of loops and winds

Jamie xx organized the ideas for us a few days ago. At last he gave the details of his second studio album, ‘In Waves’, revealing what would be included in it, what would only be a bonus track, and what would be left out. Among what is completely inside, his great song with Honey Dijon. Among what will only be a bonus track, his great song called ‘It’s So Good’. Recordings that compete with each other to appear among the best of 2024.

At that time, good old Jamie revealed, in addition to the fact that the album will be released on September 20, that there would be a collaboration with Robyn. That single arrived to us as early as this Monday and is our Song of the Day for this Tuesday. Although she has recorded some collaborations, it must be remembered that Robyn has not released a studio album since 2018, ‘Honey’.

Jamie xx’s own label, Popstock, defines the song as a “glow of horns and filtered loops”, reminiscent of some of the instrumental hits – or close to it – of the ’70s and ’90s. Basement Jaxx may come to mind. Only here Robyn sings.

Jamie xx himself explains the song: “I made this track pretty quickly (for me) and I loved it from the first moment. When I first heard Robyn’s voice it was at 6am after finishing playing at Pacha in Ibiza, and it was the perfect moment. Robyn and I have spent time working together and hanging out for a few years now, it’s always a joy and it’s always inspiring, I’m so happy and grateful that she’s a part of ‘In Waves’. Thank you Robyn for bringing this song to life!

As for Robyn, she added from her social networks: “I wanted to do those winds justice and impress Jamie, because he is simply the best. We work fun and carefully in Stockholm and on the phone and by message. Now I simply want to see you all dance and give you LIFE.

And the latter – the thing about “giving life” – seems the key to a euphoric and jumping recording, based on those winds that Robyn spoke of doing justice to, and which from what we see in the credits come from one of the collaborations of Raymond Donnez with Cerrone. Exactly from ‘A Part of You’, below these lines.

In addition, there are many more details than what is seen at first. For example, that kind of sampled guitar that could be Spanish (or not). Or that letter that is much longer than it seems, designed almost exclusively based on monosyllables, although constructing phrases like “let’s make it last all night.” There is no doubt that they will succeed.

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