Isabella Lovestory and Villano Antillano give you a 'Fuetazo'

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Isabella Lovestory and Villano Antillano give you a ‘Fuetazo’

Isabella Lovestory, the Montreal-based Honduran singer and rapper, author of ‘Mariposa’ and the album ‘Amor Hardcore’, and Villano Antillano, Puerto Rican reggaeton star, have joined forces on a new joint single, ‘Fuetazo’.

I don’t know to what extent ‘Fuetazo’ is an expression that is said in Spain, like “whiplash”, but the song is recorded in Madrid and includes a reference to another autonomous community: “here, 42 inches and blonde, I’m on vacation with my male for Asturias.

But ‘Fuetazo’ is not inspired by Asturian folklore. The “fuetazo goes, fuetazo comes, nothing stops her” that the chorus talks about comes from reggaetón, but from a reggaetón tremendously fixed in the club, so much so that ‘Fuetazo’ incorporates electronic sounds that we could link to the most reggaeton-like Arca, or even Grimes if she dared to use Caribbean rhythms.

With ‘Fuetazo’, Isabella Lovestory adds her second single published in 2023, after ‘Latina’, or the fourth if we count the remixes of ‘Make You Scream’ by VTSS and ‘Latina’ with La Goony Chonga and Safety Trance (justly allied of Ark).

For his part, Villano Antillano has delivered a great song this year with Recycled J, ‘Cruel’. Additionally, he has collaborated with Sevdaliza on ‘Ride or Die’. And, alone, he has released ‘Cuero’.

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