If you have hearing loss, don't settle

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If you have hearing loss, don’t settle

important day today, March 3rdproclaimed as International Hearing Day by World Health Organization (WHO). Important, because the ear It is a fundamental sense for the quality of life. Because hearing well is living better, it is getting excited and it is sharing. For this reason, at UMusic we insist on the need to check hearing. Because it is normal that with age, we lose hearing ability. What is not normal is conforming.

This is precisely the message we want to send coinciding with this International Hearing Day: that hearing loss is normal. Settle for it, no. Because hearing is a fundamental pillar for our well-being and that of our family and friends. That is why we must take care of it and prevent hearing loss. Failure to do so has direct consequences on our quality of life, as it affects both our behavior and the way we relate to our environment.

The consequences of not correcting hearing loss

It is very important to check our hearing in order to detect possible hearing loss early. The sooner it is diagnosed, the sooner it can be corrected with earphones either hearing implants. Not doing so, not acting against hearing loss, has very negative consequences for our daily lives:

  • It makes our communication difficult with the rest
  • It generates us unsafety and lack of trust
  • It provokes us lack of concentration and stress
  • Generate isolation of the environment and loneliness

Hearing loss is the leading cause of poor quality of life

The WHO itself pointed out in its 2019 annual report that hearing loss was the first cause of impact on the quality of life of people over 70 years of age. The presbycusis (gradual hearing loss linked to age) is common in most of us, but as we said at the beginning, that does not mean that we should live with it and its consequences.

The best way to combat hearing loss is to detect it as soon as possible and have an early diagnosis. For this reason, at UMusic we offer a free hearing checkwhich includes a audiometrya complete report and advice on the best solution for each case.

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