Take care of your ears and hearing aids in winter

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How to take care of your hearing health in winter

It is true that it is not a particularly cold winter. But it is also true that sudden changes are being recorded from one day to the next, which also poses a risk to our hearing health. And you are Temperature variations lead to the appearance of pharyngitis, colds and flu, which often end up leading to rhinitis and even otitis.. Prevention in this case is again key. And in this post we give you several tips to take care of your hearing health in winter and that it will always be spring in your ears.

The doctor in otorhinolaryngology Juan Royowhich also offers advice and advice on the portal Living the Sound, points out that acute otitis media is the main reason why people go to the doctor during the winter months. This condition is caused by a buildup of fluid behind the eardrum, causing inflammation of the middle ear that can affect one or both ears at the same time. “It is a very painful infection for the patient. However, if treated properly, it does not cause permanent hearing problems.”

Older people and children are also the ones who should take more precautions in this regard. Their immune system is especially sensitive to external aggressions, which makes them much more susceptible to hearing disorders during this time of year. In the case of the little ones, for example, the appearance of the call serous or secretory otitis media, which is characterized by the accumulation of mucus in the ears. Royo warns that “There is a risk of hearing loss here, so protecting children from the cold to avoid colds or catarrhs ​​is vital”.

As part of its commitment to the promotion and care of hearing health, UMusic offers a series of tips to prevent winter from being a bad time for our ears:

  • Protect us from the cold. Starting with the ears of course, using earmuffs or at least wool hats that help us insulate ourselves from the cold and also prevent the penetration of microbes.
  • Keep our defenses in shape. And it is not only the cold that can cause otitis. Flu or colds too often lead to ear infections. In this sense, betting on a diet that strengthens our defenses is key. A diet rich in Vitamin B-12 (present in foods such as milk, eggs, red meat, or aloe vera) is the best recipe.
  • clean ears. Hygiene is key, also in winter. And the best way to achieve this is with seawater diffusers, avoiding at all costs the use of cotton swabs or similar objects. If you notice inflammation in the ear due to low temperatures, we should apply an external hot water bottle to help it subside.
  • Prevent. The universal prescription remains the same, especially if you have had an ear infection or any other infection, it is important to undergo a hearing check to rule out possible hearing impairments.
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