How to take care of your ears daily

Hearing health

How to take care of your ears daily

The hearing It is a main meaning. Thanks to our auditory system we can relate to our environment, interpreting the sounds that surround us, and with others, being able to converse and socialize with other people. To hear well is to live well. It is getting excited about our vital soundtrack. For this reason we insist on the need to take care of our hearing. In the next post we give you more details of how to take care of your ears daily.

Taking care of our ears is not a complex job nor does it have to take up a lot of our time. Rather, it is about being aware of the main threats to our hearing, such as excess noisethe ear infections either the lack of periodic reviews.

Tips to take care of your ears on a daily basis

  • Avoid overexposure to loud noises, whether at work or in your leisure time. Excess decibels are the worst enemy for your ears. If you can’t distance yourself from the noise, at least use hearing protection.
  • Avoid listening to music with headphones at high volume and for a long time.
  • Clean your ears with soap and water after every shower.
  • If you like to swim or go to the pool or beach, it is essential to dry your ears well after each swim. You can also use plugs to prevent water entry in the auditory canal, the main door for ear infections (otitis)
  • If you start to notice your ears are blocked when you travel by train or plane, a few simple gestures (known as the Valsalva maneuver) will be very helpful: cover your nose, close your mouth and try to expel the air.

The worst enemies for your ears

Yes, we have already pointed out noise as the main enemy for your hearing. But there are other external agents that you should keep away from your ears:

  • Avoid excess alcohol and don’t smoke. In fact, different studies have confirmed that tobacco puts smokers’ hearing health at risk. Smoking not only increases the risk of Hearing lossbut also of tinnitus.
  • Do not use cotton swabs or other sharp objects to clean your ears. The only thing you can do is cause injury to the ear canal, possibly even perforating your eardrum.
  • Be careful with some drugs. The so-called ototoxic medications They can also affect your hearing health. We are talking about drugs that can cause hearing loss and also vertigo and dizziness due to alterations at the level of the inner ear that they can cause. It is important to know these medications since in some cases they are not used properly.
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