How to remove water from the ear effectively

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How to remove water from the ear effectively

Water in the ear What do I do?

The best way to get water out of the ear is by moving your head to both sides and stretching your earlobes. This is the simplest and most effective way to expel fluid from the ear. And it has happened to all of us at some point: after showering or bathing in the sea or a pool, We get water into our ears and cause an annoying sensation of blockage.. In addition, this fact increases the risk of possible ear infections such as otitis.

Dry your ears well with a towel

To prevent water from entering the ear, it is important to have a simple routine after a shower or bath. First tip, dry your ears well with a towel. In this sense, the Dr. Juan Royocommunity specialist Living the Soundpoints out that the best way to accompany this process “It is by moving the head from side to side or stretching the earlobes in different directions”. Another way to prevent water from entering the ear is to use a hair dryer.being careful not to apply either the maximum power or the maximum temperature.

If drying with a towel or hairdryer has not prevented water from entering the ear and we still have a sensation of blockage, the first piece of advice is related to What we should never do: insert instruments into the ear canal, be they cotton swabs, forks, etc. The risk of injury and infection is very high.

Remove water from the ear with a spray

Dr. Juan Royo insists on the recommendation of not inserting any type of element into the ear to remove accumulated water, an action reserved for professionals. Royo recommends that those affected they lie on their side, with the affected ear facing down. If the water remains, “Another quite effective method is the use of isopropyl alcohol spray, sold in pharmacies”.

If none of these remedies work and we notice that water is still inside the ear, causing a sensation of blockage, we should go to a specialist as soon as possible. The risk is that the water can cause an ear infection in the form of otitis externa..

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