How to remove ear plugs?

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How to remove ear plugs?

He earwax is a natural substance that our body generates and that has an important function for our earsince it acts as barrier to the entry of bacteriaas well as lubricant (avoids dryness and itching). However, excessive accumulation can end up blocking the ear canal and form ear plugswhich affect our hearing and if not treated can cause hearing loss either hearing loss. We explain the reason for this wax overproduction in the ear and how to treat it.

The main cause of ear plugs is, interestingly, inadequate cleaning of wax in the ear. The use of swabs or a excess soap in the area can end up altering the natural ear cleaning process and generating an overproduction of wax.

There are also people who naturally generate excess earwax. The reason is unknown, but it is believed to be genetic, as it usually affects members of the same family.

Symptoms of ear plugs

Excessive wax buildup can block the ear canal and form ear plugs. The most common associated symptoms are:

  • Earache: Earplugs can cause pain in the ear canal, where earwax accumulates, but it is usually mild discomfort.
  • Autophony: When a person has earplugs, they often notice that they hear their own voice when speaking.
  • Buzzing: It does not happen in all cases, but it is possible that earplugs generate annoying ringing, the so-called tinnitus or tinnitusor even occasional dizziness.
  • Hearing loss: It is the most common symptom that indicates that there is a plug in the ears. The person suddenly feels that they hear less. This hearing loss disappears at the same time that the plug disappears.

How to remove ear plugs?

Most ear plugs caused by earwax can be treated at home. The goal is to soften the wax and remove it without damaging the ear with sharp objects. In this sense, it can be helpful to add a tablespoon of salt to a glass of warm water. He baby oil and mineral They are also recommended for removing ear plugs.

If, despite applying any of these home remedies, the plug remains, you should go to a doctor. specialist so you can try to delete it.

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