How to protect our ears during Carnival?

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How to protect our ears during Carnival?

Next weekend comes Carnival, one of the most fun and colorful celebrations on the calendar. Also multitudinous. And musical. Therefore, a noisy party which forces us to insist on the need to enjoy it to the fullest, but taking into account the convenience of protecting our ears and that of the little ones in the house. In the following post we give you advice to fully enjoy the craziest party of the year without affecting your hearing health.

Let us remember that the pain threshold As for the noise, it is located in the 85 decibels (dB). And in most carnival parades and troupes, counting the crowd and the music, the sound impact can easily exceed 100 dB. Therefore, it is time to protect our ears and, above all, that of boys and girls.

To start, you have to avoid being too close to sound sources, especially from loudspeakers or music bands. Or, at least, be exposed for a short time, because hearing loss can be cumulative: the longer the time, the more damage.

In the case of the little ones, a good idea may be to have some type of hearing protection, whether molds or earplugs. This option is also highly recommended for those adults who play in a music band or act as disc jockeys during the carnival. In the case of music professionals there are specific hearing protectors.

Avoid colds to prevent possible otitis

Another very useful tip, and even more so taking into account the time of year, is to avoid sudden changes in temperature. We must go disguised, but well dressed. And a cold or catarrh can be the gateway to the appearance of ear infections. In fact, the Acute otitis media is one of the main reasons for visiting the doctor during this season of the year. The children and the old people They are also both most vulnerable groups.

A good idea to protect your ears from the cold, and if the costume allows it, is the use of earmuffs or wool hatswhich not only warm but prevent the penetration of microbes.

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