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How to prevent hearing problems during pregnancy

The gestation is a key stage to strengthen the health and avoid possible problems for the future baby, both at birth and in later stages. Also in everything related to hearing, which is no exception in this regard. A series of basic tips to follow during pregnancy can help prevent conditions related to the auditory system and whose origin is not genetic.

The doctor Sergio Paikovskyadvisor of UMusic Hearing Centers in Argentina, insists that primary prevention prevents half of hearing loss cases. Here is your list of tips and warnings to avoid hearing problems during pregnancy:

  • Get vaccinated against rubella during adolescence and fertile age, before becoming pregnant.
  • Avoid the use of some medications During pregnancy.
  • Handwashing often protects against infections of the cytomegalovirus, a herpes simplex virus. When transmitted from mother to child during the first three months of pregnancy, this virus can cause hearing loss in the unborn child.
  • Reduce exposure to loud noises (both at work and in recreational activities).
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Tobacco can negatively influence the development of the cochlea in the inner ear.
  • Some infectious diseases, for example meningitishe measles and the parotitiscan cause hearing loss, mainly in childhood, but also later.

Currently, the rate of newborns with hearing problems stands at an average of almost four per thousand.

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