How to prevent and treat otitis media

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How to prevent and treat otitis media

We are already fully settled in the fall and the temperatures are going to drop. And along with the cold comes the colds and catarrhsentrance door of the otitis media, especially common in children. In this post we tell you how to prevent and treat this annoying ear infectionwhich causes ear pain accompanied, on occasions, by fluid drainage and fever.

Autumn is a favorable time for temperature changes and, therefore, for colds. And with colds comes mucus that, through the eustachian tubesarrives and accumulates in the middle eargenerating a feeling of ear plugging. In many cases, this plugging is the previous step to an infection or otitis.

To prevent the appearance of otitis, prevention is the best ally. Therefore, we must Avoid sudden temperature changes (especially when leaving the house or closed places) and cover yourself well with jackets, hats, scarves and earmuffs when the cold gets worse. In the case of children, who are more susceptible to ear infections, it is recommended to perform nasal washes to clear this respiratory tract, which is responsible for warming and humidifying cold air in winter.

How to treat otitis

Although colds do not usually require specific treatment, if they finally lead to otitis, treatment is usually necessary. pharmacological intervention. Depending on the incidence of the infection, otitis It can be treated simply with pain relievers or decongestant nose drops.although it is also common to prescribe antibioticsalso in children, if it is found high fever.

In the case of younger children, it is important to act quickly when an otitis is confirmed, since if it is not treated and becomes chronic, it can cause permanent hearing loss.

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