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How to connect a turntable to speakers

The unique and authentic sound of vinyl is difficult to imitate, and at Madrif Hifi we know it. It’s time to dust off your record collection and rediscover this way of living your favorite albums. In this post we teach you how to connect a turntable to speakers the right way.

Whether in the living room, in your bedroom or in your own musical retreat room, a record player is an element that cannot be missing in the home of any music lover. However, to be able to enjoy this experience to the fullest, it must be connected to good speakers.

Below we analyze everything you need to know to do it in the best way.

What type of turntable do you need?

Today’s record players offer a wide variety of applications and facilities to offer us an even more complete experience. Many of them include a USB port or the possibility of transferring them to a CD so that you can digitize the tracks and work with them from your computer.

Here we show you the three types of record players on the market:

Belt turntable

This type of record player allows us to digitize the tracks with greater ease. The turntable is moved by the traction of a belt which in turn passes through a drive motor. Is one of the most economical turntable modelseven though it is more vulnerable to wear.

pulley turntable

They manage to reach instantaneous speed more quickly. The turntable is driven by a drive wheel or pulley. They have a much lower price, although they are also one of the least popular models and could give you the most problems.

Direct Drive Electronic Turntable

They usually have a higher price, but they are ideal for great music lovers. The record is attached directly to the turntable motor and therefore, a strap is not needed. By not having mechanical parts, it offers us greater durability.

These types of models are ideal for DJ and broadcast applications, as they provide enough speed stability for quick startup.

What speakers to put on a record player?


When knowing how to connect a record player to speakers, we must take into account that the latter are suitable for it. It is true that many turntable models already have their own speakers installed, but the quality they offer is not comparable to that of an external one.

These are the speaker models that you can connect to a turntable and that you can also find in our online store.

Audibax Beta 2BT: comfort and surround sound

The Audibax Beta 2BT speaker has RCA turntable inputs with special Phono Preamp for playing music from a turntable. It offers you great sound quality, as well as USB and SD inputs in case you want to play music from your computer.

Wiibo Neo 100: vintage speakers with the latest technology

The Wiibo Neo 100 also has an RCA input so you can connect the turntable to the speaker. Also has Bluetooth, a two-speaker system (one passive and one active) to achieve surround sound throughout the room. What we like most about this model is its attractive design, which will add a distinctive touch to your home while integrating perfectly with the decoration.

Edifier R1855DB, with great sound and power

This speaker, the Edifier R855DB, is one of the favorites on our website. Offers a magnificent sound and a power that is difficult to imitate. It can be connected via Bluetooth and is also compatible with turntables.

Jamo S 801 PM Black: one of the most complete models

The compact design of the Jamo S 801 PM Black makes it easily integrated into any space. In addition, it offers a clean and minimalist design. This model is especially aimed at older music lovers who want to enjoy sound quality worthy of equipment for professionals.

Klipsch R 41 – PM BK: the best speaker for turntables

Klipsch r 41 – PM BK has an integrated amplifier that is custom designed to maximize output and sound quality. He Integrated Phono preamplifier It will make your usual vinyl sound throughout your home and you can flood it with your favorite pieces of music.

Another of the most attractive features of this model is its dynamic bass equalizer for powerful bass whatever the volume or listening speed.

How to connect a turntable to a speaker?


When knowing how to connect a turntable to a speaker, we must take the following aspects into account:

  • Purchase a record player with preamplifier included.
  • That the speakers are active and have an RCA Phono input.

In case that The record player you purchased does not have a preamplifier, you can very easily insert a Phono preamp to your turntable. On the other hand, if the speakers you have are passive, you will also have to get an amplifier.

Between one option or another, the most important thing is that the first requirement is met, since this It will ensure better sound output whose quality will be maintained when played from the speakers.

Count on An RCA Phono input will make things much easier for you, since the only thing you will have to do is connect the turntable to the speaker following the manufacturer’s instructions and you will be able to enjoy your music with the best sound.

You may not have an RCA Phono input, but you may have a turntable with a preamp and then you will have nothing to worry about either, you will still be able to connect the turntable to the speaker without any problem.

If you want a simpler solution, We recommend that you purchase the speakers that we have indicated previously in this article. All of them are specially designed to be able to play music from a turntable.

We hope this post has been helpful to you in knowing how to connect a turntable to a speaker. Don’t forget to stop by our online music equipment store to find your next purchase.

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