How to combat and control tinnitus

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How to combat and control tinnitus

Tinnitus or tinnitus is a ringing or ringing in the ear that does not come from an external sound source. It is an annoying and very widespread condition. It is estimated that around 30% of the adult population has experienced tinnitus at some point in their life temporarily, while 8% experience it continuously. Furthermore, in many cases, these beeping or buzzing sounds seriously affect people’s quality of life. The good news is that they can be combated and controlled effectively, as the new UMusic microsite shows us. Testimonies like David’s show us this.

David acknowledges that his tinnitus problems began after an impact on his left ear while practicing the paintball. The beeps were loud and significantly affected his daily life: he had difficulty sleeping, he lost his appetite, and his work performance decreased. Everything began to change when, after a visit to a specialized center UMusic Comprehensive Hearing Institute (IAI) was treated with a Comprehensive Tinnitus Therapy (TIT). The tinnitus decreased by almost 80%.

Like David, more and more people are benefiting from this comprehensive therapy, which facilitates living with tinnitus through the stimulation of other sounds, generated in this case by digital hearing tools. This therapy combines the use of tinnitus control instruments and hearing correction actions, as well as advice on behaviors to follow.

According to a Multicenter Study in centers UMusic Intregral Hearing Institute (IAI), 84% of patients show obvious improvement after this therapy. Likewise, 60% claim to have noticed an immediate improvement, which translates into a lower sensation of noise, more calm or a state of greater relaxation.

Those interested in learning about and benefiting from this Comprehensive Tinnitus Therapy can arrange a visit to one of the specialized UMusic IAI centers, where a specific protocol for action in case of tinnitus is followed:

  1. Assessment of the condition and the patient’s needs and expectations.
  2. Carrying out various audiometric tests and tests to measure:
    • The timbre and intensity of tinnitus
    • The degree of disability
    • The location of the hearing lesion
    The UMusic Instituto Auditivo Integral centers are also pioneers in high-frequency audiometry, which allows for a more precise and complete examination.
  3. Personalized therapy proposal based on the assessment and tests carried out to control tinnitus.
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