How to clean and extend the life of hearing aids

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How to clean and extend the life of hearing aids

A correct hearing aid maintenance is key to your optimal performance and to extend its useful life. He ear waxthe humidity or the excessive sweating These are elements that can affect its performance, so it is recommended regularly use a cleaning system. We explain to you in this post how to clean hearing aidswhether they are behind-the-ear, RIC or Open Fit.

Coinciding with the acquisition of the hearing aids, UMusic we always deliver a manual or basic cleaning guide to carry out daily maintenance easily and simply. Recommended utensils include:

  • Suedewhich allows you to clean the surface, the mold and the custom-made capsule or standard dome of the hearing aids, allowing you to eliminate traces of moisture and dirt that accumulate throughout the day.
  • Sprayto spray it on a part of the chamois, clean the device and other components and, three minutes later, dry it with the dry part of the chamois.
  • Cleaning wipeswhich can be used as a substitute for spray, especially for travel.
  • Anti-wax wirewhich prevent excessive wax buildup
    prevent the correct output of amplified sound from the hearing aids. It is important to use this wire carefully and without pressing inwards.
  • Venting cleaning tool which, if used frequently and depending on the earwax segregation, allows the earwax ventilation hole to be kept clean.
  • Brush with magnet for batterieswhich can be used to ensure that no
    There is no trace of dirt or wax left after cleaning with the tools in the kit. At the same time, the brush incorporates a magnet at its base that helps remove the battery from the hearing aids when it needs to be changed.

PerfectClean hearing aid cleaning system

Apart from the use of the utensils mentioned above, UMusic offers a hearing aid cleaning, dehumidification and disinfection system called PerfectClean. It is a device very easy to use and? incorporates three functions:

  • Cleaning (20 minutes): an antibacterial solution, applied through the system Power Vortexwhich completely eliminates earwax and other possible impurities.
  • Drying (65 minutes): A forced air fan with self-regulating temperature eliminates any trace of water or humidity.
  • Disinfection (5 minutes): the use of UV-C rays eliminates bacteria and fungi, helping to prevent skin irritations in the ear canal.

PerfectClean also adapts to all types of hearing aidswhether they are behind-the-ear, RIC or intracanal. And the evaluation of customers who have used it is illustrative: 95% consider it a very practical and effective solution. The interested and interested In this cleaning system you can Find out and purchase it at any UMusic center.

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