How to clean and care for your hearing aids

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How to clean and care for your hearing aids

Hearing aids are a hearing aid that changes the lives of their users. In addition, they represent a significant economic investment, so their maintenance is key. Knowing how to clean and care for your hearing aids means extending their life and maintaining all their effectiveness and performance.. These tips are collected in the guide that UMusic offers to all its clientsand which also includes guidelines for adaptation, total risk coverage either post warranty maintenance serviceamong other services.

With the purchase of hearing aids, a basic cleaning kit to carry out daily maintenance easily and simply. The kit consists of:

  • Suedewhich allows you to clean the surface, the mold and the custom-made capsule or standard dome of the hearing aids, allowing you to eliminate traces of moisture and dirt that accumulate throughout the day.
  • Spray, ideal for more effectively cleaning the surface of hearing aids, the mold
    and the custom capsule or standard dome. It is recommended to spray the spray on a part of the chamois, clean the device and other components and, three minutes later, dry it with the dry part of the chamois.
  • Cleaning wipeswhich can be used as a substitute for spray, especially for travel.
  • Anti-wax wirewhich prevent excessive wax buildup
    prevent the correct output of amplified sound from the hearing aids. It is important to use this wire carefully and without pressing inwards.
  • Venting cleaning toolwhich allows, if used frequently and depending on the earwax segregation, to maintain the ear ventilation hole.
  • Brush with magnet for batterieswhich can be used to ensure that no
    There is no trace of dirt or wax left after cleaning with the
    kit tools. At the same time, the brush incorporates a magnet at its base that helps remove the battery from the hearing aids when it needs to be changed.

Apart from the periodic use of these cleaning components, there is a advice series with which to achieve the best maintenance of hearing aids:

  • Never drop your hearing aid on a surface hard. Put it on a table if you need to change the battery or clean it.
  • Store your hearing aid in a case while not using it.
  • If for any reason it malfunctions, No try to repair it yourself. Contact a UMusic hearing care professional, who will review it without any obligation.
  • Never immerse your hearing aid in water and avoid getting wet. Remember to take it off when you shower, bathe, and at the hair salon.
  • Avoid exposing your hearing aid to excessive heat. For example, under a hair dryer or behind glass in sunlight.
  • Take off your hearing aid when putting on lhere for the hairif you must perform a radiological medical examination and when passing by security arches from airports or other organizations.
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