How to choose the right hearing aid

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How to choose the right hearing aid

We mentioned in a previous post that the price was one of the main doubts when thinking about a headset. But without a doubt, the main one is know how to choose the right model. Although it will always be a specialist who prescribes us the hearing aid that best adapts to our loss auditoryIn the following post we give you a series of tips to keep in mind.

Important premise when talking about hearing aid models: There is no one that is better than others, but there are more or less suitable ones depending on a series of factors. To begin with, the type hearing loss . Then the size of the ear and even the pace of life of each person also influences.

The main distinction of hearing aid models is established from three categories:

  • In-ear or invisible hearing aids (ITE)which are the smallest and They are completely inserted into the ear canal. They are custom made from each person’s ear mold.
  • Canal hearing aids, It is the most indicated when the hearing loss affects only one ear. They are also located inside the ear, although in this case it is a behind-the-ear hearing solution that does not require a custom headset.
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aidswhich are the ones They are located outside the ear canal, with a small hook at the top of the ear and rests behind it. His size is much smaller than a few years ago, with a very comfortable and discreet fit thanks to a range of colors that adapts to the tone of the skin and hair. Two other added advantages of this type of hearing aid, suitable for people of all ages and people with almost any type of hearing loss, is its greater ease of use and the easier maintenance.

Free hearing aid trial

As we pointed out at the beginning of the post, it will be a specialist who will recommend the hearing aid that best suits us based on our hearing loss. Then, two other elements come into play: the price of the headphones and also the comfort. Regarding this second factor, and to have the greatest security, at UMusic centers we always offer a free hearing aid trial without purchase commitment. During the time that this test lasts, our specialists monitor the user’s adaptation and his or her evolution in this regard.

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