How to care for and maintain your hearing aids in summer

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How to care for and maintain your hearing aids in summer

Caring for hearing aids in summer

The best way to take care of your earphones in summer it is keep them dry and in a cool place while you are not using them. One has to avoid leaving them in the sun or in places where the temperature is high. If there is a lot of humidity in your house or where you are on vacation, the best way to protect them is with a dehumidifier.

Headphones and heat in summer

The best way to protect our hearing aids in summer is to keep them away from the sun, whether we wear them or leave them stored. No leaving them in the car or spending a lot of time with them without shade. Direct exposure to the sun in summer can cause the device to overheat, whose operation may be altered. Additionally, extreme heat can deform some of the components of this hearing solution.

Headphones at the beach and pool

Hearing aids are a device that helps us hear better. Therefore, they have to come with us everywhere, and the beach and the pool are no exception. However, it is worth taking into account a series of tips in these cases:

  • Earphones away from the sand. Therefore, when you go to bathe, do not leave the hearing aid on the towel. Store it in its case or in a closed bag to avoid contact with sand, which may alter its normal functioning.
  • No sunscreen with headphones on. Take them off first. And then, once you’ve put cream on your ears, clean and dry your hands before putting your headphones back on.
  • Nothing without headphones. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or salt water. The headphones are not submersible and water is their main enemy. Therefore, if you are going swimming, put away your headphones until you go out and have dried your hands and ears well.

Always carry your hearing aid cleaning kit

In summer it is especially advisable to carry the hearing aid cleaning kit. In fact, it should be an essential item in your suitcase when you go on vacation. This kit is ideal for cleaning excess earwax on behind-the-ear hearing aids, RIC or Open Fitand also to avoid humidity in coastal areas and to alleviate the effects of sweat.

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