How speech therapists help children with hearing loss

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How speech therapists help children with hearing loss

The hearing loss in children can have consequences in the oral language development. For this reason, speech therapists play a fundamental role in the auditory reeducation of affected men and women. In the next post we give you more details of How speech therapists help children with hearing loss.

She speech therapist is he health professional dedicated to the prevention, detection, evaluation and treatment of problems derived from human communication and language. Among the work areas of speech therapy, those related to the speaks (fluency disorders), voice (phonation, breathing), cognition (memory, concentration, etc.), feeding (chewing, swallowing, etc.) and also the hearing. In the latter case, the work focuses on helping those affected to overcome language difficulties, speech and voice due to hearing loss.

On many occasions, it is the speech therapists who identify a possible hearing loss in children with language problems. And hearing loss, if left untreated, can lead to alterations in the normal development of language in the little ones.

Getting used to hearing aids and cochlear implants

Once a child’s hearing loss is confirmed, the speech therapist continues to play a key role. Although earphones and cochlear implants They are very effective solutions to correct that hearing losschildren and their families need help and guidance in this hearing enablement. In fact, the speech therapist, once the child uses a hearing aid or a cochlear implantleads a process of auditory reeducationteaching again (or for the first time) to perceive sound and speech, as well as helping to understand oral language.

In this speech therapy reeducation The objective is to help children stimulate verbal language to facilitate their integration into their daily environments (school, family, friends, etc.). To achieve this, they develop literacy techniquesit encourages expansion and acquisition of vocabulary and new concepts and they develop correct grammatical structuresamong other actions.

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