Hirian comparte los horarios y escenarios para este sábado

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Hirian shares the schedules and scenarios for this Saturday

Hirian presents the schedules and scenarios for its edition in the Bilbao neighborhood of Rekalde this Saturday 1 June. In total, eighteen artists will perform in a day of free access led by Bilbao BBK Live and Fundación Industrias Creativas.

With the help of Bilbao BBK Live and Fundación Industrias Creativas, the now traditional preview of the Bilbao BBK Live festival will bring various musical proposals to the streets of the capital of Biscay. Hirian (“In the city” in Basque) will turn the streets and squares of the neighborhood into a festive day through the performances of almost twenty artists who will pass through the four stages of the event. And remember, daytime hours and free access.

The stages will be located in Errekalde Plaza, Peña Lemona and under the highway pillarsbearing by name Bi and Hiru (in Peña Lemona), Bat (in Errekalde Plaza) and Basoa In The City (under the highway).

The main stage will be Batthrough which the Argentine will pass Dillom, Carlangas and Los Cubatas, Putilatex, Ezpalak and Pablo Und Destruktion. For the second scenario, Bithey will do it Doctor Explosión, Euskoprincess, Alice Wonder and HUDA. The third scenario will be Hiru and will feature performances by Las Odio, Germán and La Alegría del Barrio, Maren, Pipiolas and Mirua.

As to Basoa In The Citywill host the most electronic side of Hirian, with Dj Juguete, $kyhook, Ruptura and Coolnenas.

Hirian's festive programming arrives once again as a preview of Bilbao BBK Live. The festival, for its part, will be held on July 11, 12 and 13 in Kobetamendi and day tickets, vouchers and camping places are now on sale at bilbaobbklive.com.Hirian Schedules

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