Hinds continues 'En forma' singing in Spanish

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Hinds continues 'En forma' singing in Spanish

Hinds, the now duo formed by Carlota Cosials and Ana Perrote, publishes a new album on September 6. It is titled 'Viva Hinds' and has been presented by the singles 'Coffee' and 'Boom Boom Back', the latter in collaboration with Beck.

The third preview of 'Viva Hinds' comes with a surprise, since 'En forma' is the first Hinds song sung entirely in Spanish.

A “manifesto of what it means to be a woman today” according to the press release, 'In Shape' talks about how much adulthood can be made into a ball and, specifically, about “how overwhelming it can be to deal with news, politics, our bodies, relationships and the washing machine, all at the same time,” says Perrote.

The matter is worse when they have just left you. Cosials was in this situation when he wrote the song. «My boyfriend left me and I turned 30 in the same week, a truly sad stage of my life began. This was the first song I wrote after months of being immobile and feeling pathetic. I wanted to be a normal person who does things, a happy person, but I couldn't. That's why the song is drenched in so much frustration and fury and restlessness.”

It's no surprise that 'En forma' is a whirlwind of a song: it goes at more revolutions than a washing machine running. Hinds achieves this effect using a trotted rhythm and piano riff typical of rock 'n roll. “Look at me, I can't take it anymore” is his battle cry. The war is internal, of course. In 'In Shape' he goes outside.

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