High satisfaction among hearing aid users

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High satisfaction among hearing aid users

Many people recognize a certain misgiving and even reluctance to use hearing aids to correct their hearing loss. They think that they will be annoying, that they will hear beeps or interference and, above all, that they will be very visible and unaesthetic. However, technological advances refute these arguments with digital products of maximum precision and minimum size. And the result is supported by the users themselves: 84% of those who use this type of hearing solutions are highly satisfied. This is reflected in a study carried out in seven countries: Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Japan.

This study, carried out by EuroTrak and JapanTrak, has been published in the magazine The Hearing Review, and confirms the results reported in 2008 by another similar survey carried out in the United States. In that survey, the satisfaction percentage of hearing aid users was 74%.

By country, in the case of Europe, Switzerland is where the highest satisfaction rate is recorded (84%), while Italy, with 70%, is where it is lowest. The case of Japan is surprising, where the index is only 36%.

Nowadays, not only has the quality of hearing aids improved, but the variety has multiplied, as each hearing solution is designed to adapt as much as possible to each need. In the case of UMusic, several models of hearing aids are currently marketed, ranging from those specifically for children to those that are waterproof, through a wide range of features that include in some cases even the interconnection of the device with the telephone. , the television or the music system.

Despite this improvement, the quality of hearing aids continues and although user satisfaction is very high, another study carried out by Bridget Shield for Hear-it has warned that only 25 percent of the people who need them buy hearing aids. and of these, 33 percent do not use it.

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