Hearing protectors and bath molds

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Hearing protectors and bath molds

With summer already installed, a rainy spring is behind us and plenty of sun and heat ahead. Therefore, The bathing season opens and with it the risk of problems derived from water entering the earsstarting with the annoying otitis. To avoid problems these holidays, in this post we explain what types of hearing protectors They are the most suitable for you to fully enjoy the beach and the pool.

We always reiterate on our blog that the best way to avoid ear infections after a bath is dry your ears well. But there is another equally effective and complementary one, especially indicated for those who practice water sports or are susceptible to ear infections, as well as for people with tympanic drainage: use earmolds and ear protectors that prevent the entry of water while swimming or diving.

The mold catalog is very extensive. On the one hand there are the classic molds, which are custom-made earplugs that completely close the ear canal and thus prevent the entry of water. He fit is perfect and they are very easy to insert and remove. Then we have the custom earplugs for boys and girlswhich in UMusic we call Trendy Colors given the great variety in colors it offers. They are also custom made and very comfortable to wear.

For children but also For adults there is also the possibility of using a adjustable neoprene band. This is placed on the head so that it covers both ears, although it is recommended to use it together with custom earplugs. The Ear Band It Ultra They are available in three sizes and different colors.

Diving goggles to avoid otitis

UMusic diving gogglesComplete the list of hearing protectors for the bathroom Proear 2000 diving goggleswhich have some silicone earphones that cover the ears, forming a seal. In this way, the mask, headphones and respiratory system become a closed mechanism that allows dive equalizing the pressure that the eardrum can withstand. Thanks to this system, ear infections are avoided, both external otitis like stockings. The glasses have a special model for children, to facilitate their adjustment and sealing.

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