Hearing aids, vertigo and dizziness

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Hearing aids, vertigo and dizziness

Do hearing aids cause vertigo?

The earphones they do not cause Vertigosince they do not alter or affect the vestibular system, responsible for the feeling of balance. It is true that the use of this hearing solution requires a adaptation period, since it implies external help that processes what we hear, which can cause some disorientation at first. But in any case, hearing aids do not cause vertigo.

Are hearing aids used to treat vertigo?

Hearing aids are a hearing solution that apart from compensating the Hearing loss They can help improve balance, reducing vertigo. The effectiveness of these prostheses in addressing the sensation of instability and dizziness is due to the association that often occurs between hearing loss and worsening balance.

Hearing aids improve balance

A study conducted in 2014 by the University of Washington concluded that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids improve their stability and balance compared to those who do not use them. The evidence was obtained after analyzing the results of different tests and balance exercises with the headphones on and off, exposing the participants to White noise.

Hearing aids reduce the risk of falls

The fact that hearing aids compensate for hearing loss in older people (presbycusis) has a direct impact on a reduction in the risk of falling due to vertigo and balance problems. Another study carried out in the United Statesspecifically for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicineput figures on this association: people over 65 years of age with hearing loss and vertigo problems were three times more likely to suffer an accidental fall.

Hearing aids reduce cognitive efforts

The person responsible for this study of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicinehe Dr. Frank Lin, remember that people with untreated hearing loss also spend greater cognitive effort trying to hear well. And this greater cognitive load implies fewer resources to maintain balance in older people.

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