Hearing aids so small they seem invisible

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Hearing aids so small they seem invisible

He size has always been one of the main reasons given by those who they didn’t want to take headset. They considered these devices to be very large and gave them shame let others notice. However, that argument no longer works: Today’s hearing aids are so small that they seem invisible.

Isabelclient of UMusic Peñalver, admits that wearing hearing aids is not a problem for him. On the contrary, it helps you hear better. And to feel more beautiful, she says, “because no one notices that I wear them.” She, she has been using these devices for eleven years, she is precisely one of the protagonists of the new UMusic television campaignwhose objective is, precisely, highlight the normalization of wearing this type of hearing aid today.

He size does matter, at least in the headphones. The first models are far away, which were not only very visible, but also did not exactly stand out for their comfort. However, current hearing aids are very small, almost invisible, and therefore discreet. Plus, they are very comfortable.

In-ear headphones, the smallest on the market

The in-ear headphones (ITE) They are designed to be placed completely inside the ear canal. For this reason, they are so small that they are invisible. Furthermore, being custom made from each person, They fit perfectly in the ear and they are very comfortable. The result is that these devices are not noticeable either by who is wearing them or by those who are next to them.

ITE headphones offer a high performance thanks to your noise reduction system and its directional microphones, that lead to a more natural hearing. Summarizing: smaller headphones but with more and better features.

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