Hearing aids for active people

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Hearing aids for active people

Which hearing aid do I choose?

The choice of a headset It is always based primarily on the type and degree of hearing loss. But there is a second key criterion: the Lifestyle. Age, practicing physical exercise or being a sedentary person, hobbies or type of work are very important conditions when choosing the hearing aid that best suits each person.

Headphones with long battery life

People with hearing loss who lead an active lifestyle have hearing aids at their disposal adapted to their daily dynamics. We talk about rechargeable hearing aids with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery (Li-ion technology). This technology dispenses with batteries and allows you to recharge the battery quickly and easily, wherever you are.

Headphones for sports

The new generation hearing aids They are perfectly compatible with the practice of physical exercise. The only thing to take into account is the risk of falling, sudden movements or sweat (humidity is one of the great enemies of this hearing solution). In addition, using headphones while doing sports has different advantages:

  • We can relate to our exercise partners.
  • We can clearly hear the instructions of the monitors (in the case of directed activities).
  • We can minimize background noise with hearing aid adjustments.
  • We can hear and react to acoustic alarm signals.

Headphones for chatting in bars and restaurants

People with an active lifestyle tend to go to bars and restaurants with some frequency, where a lot of ambient noise tends to be generated. The new digital hearing aids incorporate a noise suppression system which makes it easier to follow conversations with friends, colleagues or family.

Headphones for work

The new headphones incorporate directional microphones that facilitate interaction in work meetings. These devices make it easier to understand what our interlocutors are saying, as they focus and refine the sound source that interests us, avoiding interference from environmental noise.

Headphones connected to your devices

If music, series or podcasts are your thing, the latest generation headphones incorporate bluetooth wireless connection that allow you to link them with your devices, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a television or a music player.

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