Hearing aids and adolescents: connectivity and adapted to their lifestyle

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Hearing aids and adolescents: connectivity and adapted to their lifestyle

Hearing aids for teenagers

Hearing aids for teenagers, recommended for ages 11 and up, are characterized by adapting to the lifestyle and needs of their age. Factors such as aesthetics (they are almost invisible), support, customization or connectivity are key for this group.

In-canal hearing aids (miniRITE), ideal for teenagers

The in-canal earphones (the so-called miniRITE) are the most recommended for teenagers. These types of hearing aids are like behind-the-ear headphones but with the difference that the receiver, or earpiece, fits inside the ear canal instead of going into the hearing aid housing. This difference makes the miniRITE hearing aid smaller and almost invisible.

RITE hearing aids are also considered open-fit hearing aids, as the ear canal is less occluded or blocked by the earpiece. In this way, sound naturally enters and leaves the ear canal while the hearing aid amplifies sounds, making them the most suitable hearing aids for older children and adolescents with mild to more severe hearing loss.

Headphones connected to all types of devices

Teen hearing aids include advanced wireless technology that allow it to be linked with electronic devices of all types: mobile phone, tablet or television. In this way, boys and girls can connect their favorite music, programs and series with their hearing aid, receiving the original sound without distortions.

Noise reduction headphones

Young people and adolescents usually interact in spaces with a lot of noise, such as schools, sports centers, meeting points with friends… In this context, it is key to reduce background noise to facilitate communication for boys and girls with hearing aids. In this sense, UMusic hearing aids include the OpenSound Navigator technology, which constantly monitors, prioritizes and preserves speech coming from all directions. Additionally, this system reduces noise very quickly.

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