Headphones to listen to television if you have hearing loss

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Headphones to listen to television if you have hearing loss

Raise the television volume It is usually a clear indication of presbycusiswhich is the hearing loss caused by age. In fact, it is one of the first warning signs that people who live with the affected person register. In these cases, and when it is a mild hearing loss either moderateand regardless of whether or not you are a user of a headsetthere is the possibility of having headphones to listen to television. The objective is to be able to enjoy any program the most comfortable and autonomous way possibleyoualso being able to choose between different models and typologies.

When choosing headphones to enjoy the sound of the television or audio equipment, it is best to be recommended by a specialist. In any case, there are different criteria to take into account in this choice:

  • In cases of unilateral hearing loss It is key that headphones for listening to television allow you to independently regulate the sound we receive through each ear.
  • It is also important to assess the level of hearing loss. In cases where this is more pronounced, it is possible that they recommend using some headphones with amplifier. This is the case, for example, of the amplifier Sennheiser SET 880, especially aimed at people aged 65 to 85 with severe hearing loss and who want to continue enjoying music and television programs. This amplifier has a innovative speech intelligibility button which reduces background noise from the TV for greater clarity, thus follow the dialogues effortlessly.
  • We want freedom of movement while we listen to television or listen to music or will we always use headphones from the sofa or armchair? The answer will determine the use of wired or wireless devices. Among the wireless ones, there are also those with a longer range (they normally work by radio frequency).
  • We must also value the number of sound sources that we want to link with our headset.

Where can I find out about headphones to listen to television?

On the UMusic website we show the different solutions to listen to television and music at home. As we pointed out before, the first step before choosing headphones to listen to television is to determine the level of hearing loss. It will be your own specialist Have our hearing checked and recommend the most appropriate options according to our diagnosis.

In addition to headphones to listen to television, and depending on the needs of each person, there are also solutions for talking on the phonewhether they are fixed, mobiles either wireless. There is also a wide range of devices to optimally listen to everyday household soundsas doorbells either alarm clocks, designed for people who prefer not to use hearing aids at home. This type of devices warn the user through light and vibrationsdepending on the model.

Those interested in arranging a visit can do so by calling 900 835 707, booking your appointment online or by calling directly nearest UMusic center. On the UMusic website you can make a quick online test which allows detecting the existence of hearing problems.

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