Hayden Thorpe anuncia disco conceptual con el vídeo de “They”

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Hayden Thorpe announces concept album with video for “They”

Hayden Thorpe will have a new album in September, “ness”. To present it in society, he has already shared the single and video clip for “They”, now available on platforms.

He September 27th will see the light “ness”, Hayden Thorpe’s next work, via Domino. It will be the third, after “Diviner” (19) and “Moondust For My Diamond” (21), to which we could add the five albums he published with his previous band, Wild Beasts. To present it to society, he has released the single and video clip for “They”, directed by himself with Andy King.

You may have noticed that it begins with a spoken part, and that has to do with the fact that the songs on the album have been created from the pages of the book “ness” from the author of best sellers Robert Macfarlane and revolves around Orford Ness, Suffolk, a former Ministry of Defense weapons development center during both world wars and the Cold War.

Thorpe was first introduced to Macfarlane’s work through a copy of his 2012 book “Landmarks”which then led him to “ness”Macfarlane’s collaboration with Stanley Donwood in 2018. “He writes about non-human forms in a way that captures an essence that, as humans, we can understand.”

The orchestral parts are played by Propellor Ensemble, while Jack McNeill, his bandleader, arranged all the parts and played clarinet throughout the album. Kerry Andrew composed and sang all the choral arrangements and gave some words.

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