Hate Confetti searches for 'Love' in Massiel's classic

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Hate Confetti searches for ‘Love’ in Massiel’s classic

Confetti de Odio is among the artists who have released new music this week. One year after the release of ‘Hijos del Divorce’, his second studio album, Lucas de Laiglesia presents the single ‘El amor’, in which he delivers his own interpretation of Massiel’s classic… receiving praise from Massiel herself.

«I find it very interesting and I would like to meet (Lucas), thank you for sending it to me. For me it is very exciting what this song recorded in 1981 is producing. Damn, 40 years of song. “And people don’t know her.” These are the words of Massiel that has received (probably) Sound Boy after sending him the Hate Confetti version.

‘El amor’ is one of Massiel’s most listened to songs on Spotify (the fourth, curiously, ahead of ‘La, la, la’, which appears in fifth position). However, maybe not that pop classic that absolutely everyone knows. Many have probably heard it for the first time this year after its inclusion on the soundtrack of ‘The Body on Fire’ and, now, through the Confetti de Odio version, which is at least as good.

‘Love’ was already an unstoppable torrent of passion four decades ago. Only comparable, in dramatic scope, to Rocío Jurado’s ‘Like a Wave’, the ‘Tiempos Difficulties’ single described all those things that love is, from “light in your soul” to “fire in your veins.” Love “takes you to glory and delivers you to the earth”, and that is exactly what Massiel did and what Confetti de Odio now does vocally in the song, taking us on an emotional roller coaster that goes from contained tension, to total glory.

Confetti transforms ‘El amor’ by Massiel into a pop-rock song just as devastating as the original recording, only that, where before we were guided along the path by the tinkling of a keyboard that admitted the adjective psychedelic, now the electric guitars of the brit-pop are responsible for taking ‘Love’ to the emotional Everest it deserves. And, in Lucas’s voice, ‘Love’ continues to contain one of the loudest uses of the word “shit” in a pop song.

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