Great speech by Martín, Chiara, Juanjo and Violeta at Pride

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Great speech by Martín, Chiara, Juanjo and Violeta at Pride

The Madrid Pride speech took place tonight in Plaza Zerolo, as announced, led by Martín Urrutia, Chiara Oliver, Juanjo Bona and Violeta Hódar, four of the sixteen contestants from the latest edition of Operación Triunfo. Each of the four singers gave their own speech to the deafening roar of the audience.

In their speeches, Martín, Chiara, Juanjo and Violeta recalled the pioneers of Pride and underlined the intersectional nature of the movement. Chiara pointed out that “the LGBTQ+ movement and the feminist movement go hand in hand” and that “we must not turn our backs on our racialized, migrant and trans sisters”. For her part, Violeta stressed that “LGBTQ+ Pride is and will always be feminist, anti-racist and anti-ableist” and that “our fight is intersectional because together we are stronger”.

Martín shared words for children and their families. “Pride and visibility is not, as many say, trying to force information into children’s heads,” he said. “Pride and visibility is when a boy, girl or child develops and can be themselves without fear or shame, without wasting years of their life pretending to be someone else out of fear of violence that continues to haunt us today.” Martín made a special appeal to families to be their children’s first support.

In her speech, Chiara stressed the vital role of culture for LGBTQ+ people, pointing out that “we don’t want to live in a world where books, plays or television shows are censored.” From a personal perspective, Chiara explained that she discovered she was a lesbian at the age of fifteen, but that “maybe I would have realized it sooner if I hadn’t thought there was only one way to be a lesbian.” Oliver insisted on the importance of culture creating diverse role models.

Juanjo’s speech was also personal, as this year he celebrated his first Pride. Juanjo stated that the pace of each person’s own personal discovery is valid. “Each person has their own pace and it is never too early or too late; it is okay if you have doubts that you have not yet resolved, it is okay not to know what word to use to define yourself or to take time to find yours, it is okay to discover something about yourself when you thought you had everything clear,” he said. Juanjo emphasized that “there is no rush” and stressed that “even if you doubt or feel afraid,” you have to “know that there will be people who will accept you and understand you.”

In her speech, Violeta stressed that “hate speech continues to increase and is what causes the hundreds of attacks that occur every day simply because we exist.” She pointed out that “we cannot take our rights for granted” and highlighted the importance of aspiring to create a “plural and fair society” that promotes a “fair and inclusive education that does not erase us.”

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