Los mallorquines Go Cactus vuelven con “Qué Pasa”

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Go Cactus spins “The usual thing” in their new preview

The Mallorcans Go Cactus They spin “Lo de siempre” in the third preview of what will be their next work to be released by Hotel Records.

“Lo de siempre” joins the previous ones “Qué Pasa” and “TERMINAL 2” in order to discover what we are going to find in what will be the new work by Go Cactus, which will be released after the summer by the hand by Hotel Records and which will mark the definitive leap from Mallorcans to Spanish.

According to Pau Gual (voice and guitar), Joan Gual (drums and backing vocals) and Joan Amengual (bass and backing vocals), this song is about “friendship and talks about friends who stay along the way. It's one of those times when that you are aware that you are living at the end of an era and you wait in the usual places for what is to come. And if they say it, they mean it. Especially considering that the band has been maturing since 2017, a journey through which they have given us several EP's such as Pulaski Street either “Hi, We Are Cactus”and an addictive album, “We Have Wasted The Chance But We Are Fine”which has led them to play at festivals and venues across the country, also performing at the sought-after SXSW in the United States.

In addition to being the group's first work in Spanish, it will be released by Hotel Records, in which bands like Gills Johnson, Prieto Azabache Horse, Lovers either Sandré.

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