Ginebras versionan el chotis “Madrid, Madrid, Madrid”

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Gins version the chotis “Madrid, Madrid, Madrid”

After artists like Sidecars either Delaportethey are the girls of Gins who get cocky when interpreting the classic chotis “Madrid, Madrid, Madrid.” The song is part of an advertising campaign.

The band pays tribute to their host city in this unique version of the legendary Madrid chotis, telling us about how good they feel in the city, adapting the legendary Madrid chotis to the present. Agustin Lara.

Magüi, Sandra, Raquel and Juls give a new look to the lyrics of the song with references “to the Rastro, the Prado, the Gran Vía, Cibeles, Vetusta Morla and even to themselves for considering themselves part of the city.” And they continue to say about it: “Here in Madrid is where everything has been forged. We are each part of a part, but we already feel like Madrid. It is a city that welcomes and where there are always new plans to make. The letter that we put in the The theme is a bit along the lines of being new to a place and realizing that everything you want and need, you have here.

This version is added to the previous ones signed by Sidecars and Delaporte for this same campaign and joins the list of Gin versions, through whose hands they have passed Joan Manuel Serrat, Allegedly Involved or Rosalía.

The song has been released by Vanana Records and is produced by The Two-Headed Monkey (Manuel Cabezalí and Víctor Cabezuelo). The song, recorded between El Lado Izquierdo and La Sala del Manantial, is mixed by Manuel Cabezalí and mastered by Ed Is Dead. The image on the cover is the work of Alba Birds and the video clip, recorded in the icóThe only Retiro Park in the capital, is now available on YouTube.

As for new concerts and tickets, you can find them at this same link.

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