“Frogs”, segundo avance de Nick Cave con sus The Bad Seeds

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“Frogs”, second advance by Nick Cave with his The Bad Seeds

The international rock and post-punk band Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds have published “Frogs”, the second preview of what will be their next album, “Wild God”which will be available starting August 30 via Bad Seed/(PIAS).

The process of creating “Wild God” It started with this song that they are now releasing. The first stanzas that cave wrote for the album were very evocative and made reference to the first murder in the Bible: the death of Abel at the hands of Cain, the result of envy. This song set the tone for the album's imagery and themes. Talking about the new song, “Frogs”, cave says, “The sheer exuberance of a song like 'Frogs' puts a big smile on my face.”

“Wild God” It is the 18th album by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Throughout the ten songs, you can see how the band dances between convention and experimentation, taking unexpected turns and taking paths that enhance the well-known imagery and emotions present in the moving narratives of cave. At times the group's past is lovingly evoked, but they are fleeting moments and serve only to propel the band's restless path forward.

cave started to write “Wild God” on New Year's Day 2023 and the sessions took place in Miraval in Provence in addition to Soundtree in London. It has the collaborations of Colin Greenwood to the bass and Luis Almau to nylon string guitar and acoustic guitar. Furthermore, the album has been produced by cave and Warren Ellis and mixed by David Friedman.

He tracklist of “Wild God” includes, in order, the songs “Song Of The Lake”, “Wild God”, “Frogs”, “Joy”, “Final Rescue Attempt”, “Conversion”, “Cinnamon Horses”, “Long Dark Night”, “O Wow O Wow (How Wonderful She Is)” and “As The Waters Cover The Sea.”

“The Wild God Tour” It will specifically reach two Spanish cities and one Portuguese. We will be able to see Cave and his musicians in Barcelona (October 23, Palau Sant Jordi), Madrid (October 25, WiZink Center) and Lisbon (October 27, MEO Arena). In all three concerts they will be accompanied as guests by The Murder Capital, one of the best Irish bands of today. Although in other countries they will be accompanied by Dry Cleaning or Black Country, New Road.

The tour will begin on September 24 in Germany and will conclude on November 17 in France. For concert tickets you will have to wait until Friday, March 22 at 10 in the morning. They will be available in www.nickcave.com/tour-dates/.

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