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French pop icon Françoise Hardy dies

French pop icon dies Françoise Hardy, one of the great female voices and emblem of modernity in the sixties, although her musical career has spanned almost fifty years. She was one of the great defenders of euthanasia in France.

There is no doubt that Hardy was one of the great youth icons of the sixties, one of those names that turned our neighboring country into one of the epicenters of world pop music for a few years. Now his son, Thomas Dutronc, has reported his death on social media. He has died due to cancer that he had suffered for twenty years. Hardy was a great defender of euthanasia in her country, facilitating the death of her own mother in 1991.

Songs like “Tous les garçons et les filles” or “Comment te dire adieu” were true classics of French pop songs, influencing very diverse artists, from Bob Dylan at the time to artists like Jarvis Cocker from Pulp, Iggy Pop or to themselves Blurwith whom he recorded the French version of “To The End”, which was included in various editions of “Parklife”. Hardy was the voice of some of the ye-yé hits of the sixties, a decade in which he even participated in Eurovision with the song “L'amour s'en va.”

Hardy wrote a good part of his lyrics and composed some of his songs, although he also worked with some notable names from his country. He also sang in English, Italian, German and Spanish. him publishing more than thirty studio albums over almost five decades of experience. And let's not forget her film career, which led her to participate in half a dozen films, including the debut of Woody Allen, “What's new, Pussycat?” (65).

In his discography, albums such as “All the garçons and all the girls” (62), “Mon amie la rose” (64), “Ma jeunesse fout le camp…” (67), “Quelqu'un qui s'en va” (82), “L'amour fou” (12) or “Person d'autre” (18).

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