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Free Expansions with your Maschine

Maschine Plus

With the purchase of your Maschine you get up to 6 free expansions, so that when you take it out of the box you have more sounds available than you can use. It’s Spring, and at Native Instruments too.

And they already come loaded with libraries, but in terms of sounds, unless you are Matmos, all the library you can get is welcome. And if it is of the highest quality, like the Native Instruments expansions, even better.

Maschine Expansions

What is Maschine?

Maschine was born with the idea of ​​being the nerve center of your studio, being a fast, intuitive and fun way to create and play songs and rhythms. It is an integrated hardware/software system that includes a sampler, arrangement system, mixer, effects and an integrated audio interface, and
includes MASCHINE 2 software and its sound library, as well as KOMPLETE 13 SELECT

MASCHINE lets you easily produce beats, melodies and harmonies with powerful drum synths, high-quality sounds, a built-in sampler and much more: cutting-edge software and intuitive hardware come together for effortless work.

How does the promotion work?

It is simple. When you register your new Maschine, you will receive an email with the vouchers with which you can select the free expansions corresponding to your model, and thus they will be added to your library. Depending on the model, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Mikro: Get two expansions (valued at €98)
  • MK3: get four expansions (valued at €196)
  • Maschine +: Get six expansions (valued at €294)

Hurry, it only lasts until May 11!

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