Flos Mariae speaks out on 'The Messiah'

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Flos Mariae speaks out on ‘The Messiah’

Since ‘The Messiah’ premiered just a few days ago, many people have linked the plot of the series with the religious pop group Flos Mariae. Known for songs that have gone viral on the Internet such as ‘Amen’ and composed of seven sisters, the group had many similarities with the protagonist sisters of ‘The Messiah’. After weeks of controversy on social networks, Flos Mariae has spoken out to accuse the series.

«It horrifies and seriously offends me to know that there are people who are believing that a fictional series about psychological terror and child abuse is representing my biography or that of my family, because I assure you that is not the case and it tarnishes my honor and that of others. my dear parents and brothers, we have nothing to do with the disturbed characters of this series and the disgusting plot that they have invented,” wrote member Maria Bellido in X. Alba Bellido quoted her echoing the “true words” of her sister.

Three other members of Flos Mariae, Montserrat, Patricia and Flor Bellido, have chosen to issue a joint statement in which they also distance themselves from the Los Javis series and assure that “we had a happy childhood.” In addition, they have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that “they are making themselves known using the Flos Mariae brand.”

The extensive statement harshly attacks the directors of ‘La Mesías’, who have avoided speaking out on the subject in interviews, and against haters in general: “We are aware of the envy that we awaken in some people and that due to this envy and economic interests There are people who lie about our lives and about us. “We forgive them all, but we want to deny the slander that some are spreading with the intention of discrediting and defaming.”

The sisters request that all media stop linking Flos Mariae with the series, and take advantage of one of her songs to send a message: “If you liked ‘Amen’, it is because in it Montserrat captured what it means to live what people lie about you and slander you, even though they appear to be good as bread. That is why after new slander and defamation she composed the new song ‘COMO UNA LONCHA DE QUESO’ for the MAXMUND Musical Group.

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