Fleetwood Mac will no longer return, according to Stevie Nicks

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Fleetwood Mac will no longer return, according to Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks has given an interview to MOJO in which he assures that Fleetwood Mac will not return. The reason is the death of Christine McVie, which occurred a year and a half ago, in November 2022. The last Fleetwood Mac shows on Setlist.fm date back to 2019.

The author of ‘Dreams’ and ‘Landslide’ believes that without Christine McVie they will not be able to act: ‘Without Christine’, none of us will be able to do it. There is no chance of getting Fleetwood Mac back together in any way. Without it, I just couldn’t function.”

Stevie Nicks is ignoring that Fleetwood Mac operated without Christine McVie between 1998 and 2014, touring three times. When we saw them live in 2013 in Amsterdam, Christine McVie was NOT in the group.

Logically, the death of McVie, author of Fleetwood Mac hits like ‘You Make Loving Fun’, has affected the group. But perhaps the group could get back up and running if there was a reunion with the third core member, Lindsey Buckingham, who was ousted in 2018.

Stevie Nicks also rules it out: «Even if I thought about working with Lindsey again, she has health problems. It’s not my place to tell, but I’m not sure if Lindsey could do the kind of tour that Fleetwood Mac does, where you’re away for a year and a half. “It’s too demanding.”

Nicks recalls that she is now focused on her solo work and that on her tours, she plays Fleetwood Mac songs. However, she herself has also had to face health problems. So, she has had to cancel some concerts in past days and today she has to cancel Tuesday night’s set in Michigan again. This concert has been rescheduled to September 24. On the other hand, she believes that she will be able to play with her band on Friday, June 21 in Chicago.

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