Primeras confirmaciones de la 3ª edición de DalecandELA Fest

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First confirmations for the 3rd edition of DalecandELA Fest

The great solidarity festival DalecandELA Fest returns in September with a new edition that has already revealed its first names.

The old port of Getxo (Bizkaia) will once again be filled with music from September 20 to 22 with a new edition DalecandELA Festan emotional charity festival full of activities aimed at raising awareness of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and raising funds for research and support for patients.

The non-profit association DalecandELA The association organises this wonderful event for all audiences, with free admission, which, in addition to music, combines artistic and sporting activities, such as the solidarity swimming challenge “Travesía Getxo por la ELA”, children’s and awareness-raising activities and the best gastronomy. The association works with the objectives of giving visibility to this disease in society, governments and institutions, to raise funds for research, to help improve the quality of life of those affected by ALS and always transmitting that the important thing in life is the journey, knowing how to enjoy it with joy, optimism and a spirit of improvement. To do this, DalecandELA carries out initiatives and events such as art exhibitions, sports challenges, trips, motivational talks, challenges and even has a soundtrack recorded by musical groups from Getxo for charitable purposes.

Precisely, some of these local bands will be the ones to set the musical tone during the weekend in September, together with great bands of national and international scope, since the concerts will be one of the various activities that will preside over those days the event in the Old Port of Algorta. The first preview includes the Nashville band Cordovasa unique formation that condenses the entire broad horizon of the American tradition of songwriting, Tarque & The Riff Associationthe project headed by the charismatic vocalist of M Clan and, as local representation, Smilepresenting their fifth studio album “Green Thunder”his first work composed in Spanish.

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