Extremúsika cierra cartel con 17 nuevas confirmaciones

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Extremúsika closes the lineup with 17 new confirmations

Bad Rodriguez, Kaze and Nil Moliner lead the closing of the poster Extremúsika 2024where Antílopez, Vicco, Skinny Flex, Benito Kamelas, Luna Ki, Dollar Semouni, Tremendo stand out…. The Cáceres Equestrian Center will host the September 26 to 28 which is undoubtedly one of the most important festival events in Extremadura.

Extremúsika has closed its lineup with 17 new artists, consolidating itself as one of the great festivals in Extremadura. Mala Rodriguez, Kaze and Nil Moliner lead this closing with current and emerging names on the music scene. Antílopez, Vicco, Skinny Flex, Benito Kamelas, Luna Ki, Dollar Selmouni, Tremendo, Raúl Clyde, JC El Diamante and locals Alex Rodriguez and Lady Jaque join the list. Electronics will also be present with international DJs Alex Kennon, T78 and Amygdala. The festival stands out for its commitment to urban music and rising artists with a large presence on musical platforms and social networks, which attracts a diverse audience.

Among the most prominent artists, Bad Rodriguez will present her new album “A strange world”, an ambitious work in body and soul, like herself. Kazethe rapper from Murcia, will return with a new album after seven years, exploring electronic rhythms, deep house, trap and dancehall. Nil Molinerknown for his multi-platinum hits, will present new songs from his album “Paradise Place.”

The uniqueness of Antelopeand Benito Kamelas, with their forceful rock, will bring diversity to the lineup. Urban music will star Skinny Flex, Dollar Selmouni, Luna Ki, JC El Diamante, Raúl Clyde and Tremendo, each with their own unique style.

Vicco, with their new album “Noctalgia”, will add a festive touch to the event. On the electronic side, Alex Kennon, T78 and Amygdala will bring their distinctive fusions of techno and acid core. Lady Jaque and Alex Rodriguez complete the lineup, bringing a local touch to the festival. This year, Extremusika promises a diverse and exciting experience, reaffirming its position as a key event in the Spanish music scene.

Extremúsika will be celebrated from 26 to 28 September 2024 at the Cáceres Equestrian Center. And on the poster there were already important names like Saiko, Reels B, Maka, Tote King, Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba, La La Plazuela and many more.

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