Espineli talks about 'Warren File'

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Espineli talks about ‘Warren File’

Espineli has published one of the national albums of the year, ‘Purgatorio’. Because references to horror films abound in it, we wanted to ask the Madrid author and producer about this topic. The artist is the new guest of our Meister of the Week section, curated by Jägermusic, in which young talents comment on some of her hobbies.

On your album there are many references to horror and fantasy films. It’s called ‘Purgatory’, and there would be ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Back to the Future’… Is there more that we haven’t located?
There are a couple more that are ‘Insidious’, because in the song ‘Fondo’ I make a reference in the chorus saying “I fell in the attic like Dalton”; and ’21 grams’. In the ‘Rocky Balboa’ song, in the final part: “I weigh 21 grams less, I think I’m dead now.” Well, and Rocky Balboa of course.

Where does this hobby come from? What are the first horror movies you saw?
Since I was little, my cousin tried to instill in me his passion for the horror genre. I don’t remember what the first movie was, honestly. But a couple of years ago, two friends were obsessed with practically everything James Wan and he blew me away. I would say that from that moment on I really got into it.

Any series, too? Some lyrics on the album made me think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I’m not sure.
Just with Buffy it never really clicked for me. I have a friend who was crazy about it, but I didn’t end up hooked. In general, I like the movie format of this genre, whenever I start a series, I don’t usually continue it.

One of your weaknesses is ‘Warren File’. Because?
Well, the truth is that the movements of demons, possessions and others are the ones that interest me the most. I can’t tell you why exactly. It seems like a very trite theme to me but I can’t get enough of it.

Which would be your favorite from the saga and why?
I’m pretty indecisive in general, but I’d say the second one dealing with a case in England.

And the worst?
Within the world of James Wan I would say ‘The Nun’, but it is true that it is part of the “multiverse” and it is cool to tell it.

‘The Warren File’ is known for its references (‘Poltergeist’), eastern eggs between sagas and films… have you researched it? Any curiosity?
I have not documented myself much, I always “follow” them or know them through movies. However, when I was doing the ‘Venier’ song, he started me looking up poltergeist cases. The title ‘Venier’ comes from a poltergeist case in Argentina, the victim was called Andrés Venier.

«When I see the original Warrens I can’t take them seriously because they look like very scammers»

And about the real cases related to the movies? Are there a thousand articles about the real “Warren files”?
Yes, of course there are, in fact for me it is grace. Always at the beginning and at the end of the films they show the original photos or real documents of said cases to compare them. It always happens to me that when I see the original Warrens I can’t take them seriously because they seem very scammers.

What other James Wan films would you recommend?
‘Insidious’ seems like a gem to me, not the entire saga but I consider the first two to be key.

Any that have disappointed you?
I seem to remember that the fourth of the ‘Insidious’ saga was a huge letdown. For my taste, the story was not badly planned but there is a point where they introduce a bit of fantasy and that puts me back. I kind of liken him to Tim Burton and it completely takes me away.

After all this, can you imagine a luminous Espineli disc?
Ugh, well I don’t know if it’s bright as such, but it’s less dark, yes. A few months ago I didn’t believe it, but lately I haven’t ruled it out.

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