Enjoy the beach and the pool with your cochlear implant

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Enjoy the beach and the pool with your cochlear implant

This summer is being especially hot. Luckily, swimming pools and beaches are a good remedy. In the case of users of cochlear implant The dips can be just as intense, since they no longer have to worry about being caught. get your device wet. Now, thanks to Aqua+ Kitthey can swim or dive knowing that the water will not affect their implant.

Aqua + has revolutionized the summers of cochlear implant users, especially boys and girls, who enjoy the pool or beach the most. This kit, consisting of a soft silicone case and an adapted coil, seals any water ingress so that the processor stays dry.

Aqua+ offers different advantages to its users, both in features and performance:

  • Can be used up to Two hours straight.
  • Tested to be used up to 3 meters deepfollowing IP68 water protection standards.
  • Can reused up to 50 times.
  • Compatible with the sound processor Kanso and with all series processors CP800, CP900 and CP1000 with rechargeable battery configuration (standard and compact).

Aqua+ assembles in 30 seconds

Another great advantage of Aqua+ is that it is very easy to use. In just under 30 seconds you can remove your cochlear implant, put on the silicone sleeve to prevent water from entering, and put the device back in place before you start swimming or diving.

Available in our online store

The Aqua + Kit is one of the cochlear implant accessories that can also be purchased in our online store. The advantage of this store is that it never closes, so you can place your orders whenever and wherever you want.

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