Eminem pulls nostalgia in his own 'Houdini'

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Eminem achieves top 1 in the UK with 'Houdini', but not in the US

Eminem is killing it with his new single 'Houdini'. The song has entered the British charts like a rocket, reaching number 1 on the street, almost doubling number 2. Last week 'Houdini' reached the equivalent of 105,000 units. Of them, 8,000 were real downloads and 96,000 were streaming points. That is to say, there is both a loyal audience and a renewed young audience. The song managed to move Sabrina Carpenter's 'Espresso' to number 2, after several weeks at the top.

In the United Kingdom it is the 11th number 1 for Eminem, tying with Calvin Harris. Both occupy 8th place in terms of artists with the most historical number 1s in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, the song that samples 'Abracadabra' by Steve Miller is also a macrohit, but it is true that at least for now it has eluded number 1. 'Houdini' has not been able to beat Post Malone's hit with Morgan Wallen, 'I Had Some Help', which has been at the top for 4 consecutive weeks.

'Houdini' is number 2, which is already Eminem's biggest hit since he did the duet with Rihanna 'The Monster'. And it's been 10 years since that.

Sticking to Spain, 'Houdini' manages to at least appear in the top 100. The song has entered these days at number 73, one of its worst international positions along with South Korea. 'Houdini' has been number 1 in Australia, Canada, Iceland, Latvia and Norway. It is also top 3 in Germany. Other countries resisting 'Houdini', although not as much as Spain, are France (number 39) and Italy (number 43).

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