Dua Lipa has no time to waste in 'Houdini'

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Dua Lipa prioritizes “longevity” over “instant hit”

Although Dua Lipa did go to number 1 on JENESAISPOP with ‘Houdini’, the lead single from her next album, the truth is that the current performance of the song seems to indicate that she does not aspire to much more. In the United States, where it debuted in position 11, it has already dropped to 33rd. In the United Kingdom, although the drop has not been as great, it has also fallen from second position to tenth. And the hurricane of Christmas carols that is brewing throughout December does not favor the forecasts.

Still, Dua Lipa feels hopeful. In an interview for the Los Angeles Times, the artist confesses that she has learned to be patient regarding the public’s response to her own music. “My songs usually have a very slow but stable growth over time,” she tells the media, smiling. «There is always something strange about them that makes the more you listen to them, the more people want to listen to them. They grow slowly, but they stay. And that’s the only thing I want: I think longevity is more important than instant success.

“I’ve realized that the things I like are not so characteristic of pop songs,” says Dua Lipa, alluding to the stability of her previous hits. This leads her to reflect on how this is related to her musical style: «They are pop songs, without a doubt, but the way the melodies are, or the way I like the arrangements to be, is not the usual one in a song. pop song. “It takes a while for people to understand it.”

The artist is expected to release her third studio album in the first half of 2024, where she will move away from her old sound, as she revealed to the Los Angeles Times. It will serve as a continuation of ‘Future Nostalgia’, her previous album.

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